Continous overflow of no future

WTF it migtht 2 be 2 get together with this pretty arse
when she will turn out as a lamoryantly bitch

So pissed of(f) life
thiefs, mugs, selfishees, douchebags&assholes
Tell-U-This-Is-Right-&-This-Is Wrongs

As I come "home"
I' m exhausted
somehow ANGRY

Longing so desperately 4

Somewhat fucked off by life
as no 1's beside me
2 talk 2
2 cuddle with
2 share warmth
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Selena II
Es Modus in Rebus Per un ufficio Bulgaro

Numismatischer Strukturalismus

Pieton en l'aire

Lobotomize me – Leukotomize me – Anythingtomize me – Let's see what's it worth …
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